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From: Harshul Nayak (
Date: 02/07/05

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    hello arvind,

    To crack the WEP key you would need approximately 5-10 million encrypted
    packets to be gathered as mentioned by AirSnort (

    Also try aircrack ( to generate
    traffic and it's one of the fastest WEP cracking tool.


    CRL (Computer Crime Research Lab)
    Patni Computer Systems Limited,India.

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    Based on recent mails regarding articles found here for wireless pen
    testing. Using all the tools desribed here requires capturing
    interesting packets (unique RC4 IV) in a packet capture.

     The problem relates to creating traffic on a wireless network in case
    you dont find a lot of traffic for a good capture. Is there any way
    you can create traffic on a WEP network without knowing
    - the IP Address (address range) the Access Point and wireless clients
    are using
    - the WEP key being used (makes sense - that is why you are running a WEP

    The closest I see of this is the aireplay tool (this can be found on
    the AUDITOR CD mentioned in teh article). This basically replays any
    arp requests found in a capture. However I could not get aireplay to
    run (gave me a Segmentation error).

    of course WEP uses a session key - so session replay is not a
    possibility. Does anyone know of any tool/ method to create wireless
    traffic to assist in a good capture

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