Re: router stress testing tools

From: James Eaton-Lee (
Date: 02/06/05

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    To: bill williams <>
    Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2005 20:19:28 +0000


    I've always found the tools on Melior's FIRE CD fairly useful for
    security testing of different sorts; they've put out a version of FIRE
    with some extras (such as a demo of their network defence product) for
    quite a while now; unfortunately, having looked at the website, they've
    discontinued shipping these, which is a real pity, as there are plenty
    of legitimate uses for the tools on the CD!

    If you or a colleague haven't ordered a copy, it may be that they have
    stock left which they'd be prepared to ship to a legitimate user as a
    one-off; failing that, I'll take a look at the packages on my melior CD
    and write up a list of the tools they collated, if you're interested. for their site
    on the melior fire CD.

    If your testing is focused on scanning tools, the tools bundled with
    knoppix STD (another security livecd staple) are fairly comprehensive
    (at least as far as GPL/FOSS tools go), and you'd be hard pushed to find
    a better security tools list than the tools list on their website;
    specifically to stress testing routers, there's at least one tool
    (packETH) which will generate network traffic, and all of the usual
    suspects as far as vulnerability/portscanners go! (nessus is probably a
    good start)

    If you do have legitimate uses for such things, you should be able to
    pull a list of what you need together fairly swiftly off the tools list
    which the knoppix-std website provides!


     - James.

    DISCLAIMER: If you are asking for such tools for less-than-friendly purposes, there isn't really anything in this e-mail which couldn't be found out through judicious use of google in any case!

    On Sat, 2005-02-05 at 15:01 -0700, bill williams wrote:
    > I am looking for information and tools to stress test routers. Any
    > information, white papers, tools, settings for hping, etc. would be
    > appreciated. The incident I am trying to reproduce is related to
    > scanning through the router and the router running out of sessions
    > creating a DOS attack, I think? This testing is in response to yet
    > another "your scanner brought the router, down incident" and I am sure
    > you can imagine the rest. We do have a duplicate router in our testing
    > facility so don't worry I am not trying to DOS anyone.
    > Thank you for your consideration of this request.
    > Disclaimer: I know I have the ability to do my own research and
    > testing, but if you all are nice, it sure could save me a lot of time.
    > Enough time is something most security guys are lacking. This isn't
    > my area of expertise, but I will answer questions on any topics that I
    > know something about. Please send an useless flames to
    > nobody[nospam]

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