Re: Discovering users by RCPT TO

From: Kiril Todorov (
Date: 01/13/05

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    Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 14:04:57 +0200

    Andres Molinetti wrote:
    > I'm currently over a pen-test and I have found that their SMTP Server
    > (SendMail) does not have VRFY or EXPN methods available, which was the
    > most probably thing to happen taking into account the server has been
    > through some hardening before.
    > Testing for Open Relay, I realized that the server answers different to
    > existing users and non-existing users, when trying to deliver mails
    > using RCPT TO:
    > E.g:
    > rcpt to: asdfasdf@domain
    > 550 5.1.1 asdfasdf@domain... User unknown
    > rcpt to: bin@domain
    > 250 2.1.5 bin@domain... Recipient ok
    > rcpt to: nobody@domain
    > 250 2.1.5 nobody@domain... Recipient ok
    > rcpt to: oper@domain
    > 550 5.1.1 oper@domain... User unknown
    > rcpt to: root@domain
    > 250 2.1.5 root@domain... Recipient ok
    > Is this ok or is it information disclousure? Is there any way to fix it?
    > It is Sendmail...
    > Thanks in advance,
    > Andres Molinetti
    > CISSP

    That's a common practice.
    The main reason is the tons of windows zombie machines, used for
    spamming at random names @ domain name.
    All mails are send from fake addresses, so after 2-3 waves of such
    spamming the mail server's queue gets approximately 30-40K mails.
    The server is busy sending out bounces to nonexistant addresses.. well
    you get the picture.

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