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From: Ghaith Nasrawi (
Date: 12/13/04

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    Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 19:03:58 +0000
    To: "pen-test" <>

    Thanks all for your feedback on the atheros chipset. I appreciate it.

    Time to re-visit the madwifi project :-)

    Chris, I think the Aironet has its own chipset which was designed for
    cisco. I don't believe it's Atheros.

    Also, there is a new book under the title: "Wi-Foo: The Secrets of
    Wireless Hacking". I've ordered it and I'm expecting it to be
    delivered tomorrow. I read the description, and the author seems has
    tackled all those wifi issues for linux. I will let you know as soon
    as I come across those chapters.

    Kind regards,


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