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Date: 07/08/04

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    Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 08:31:13 +0300

    I fully agree with Don. Core TCP/IP skills and strong networking
    fundamentals are a must to qualify as a security professional. Add to this
    programming knowledge especially when you are performing pen tests.
    Today, the trend I have seen, on CV's too is that once a person has worked
    on tools (available freeware) he claims to know the ins and outs of
    This trend is alarming especially if such personnel start protecting
    networks and systems!
    Best regards,
    -Naveed Ahmed

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    Subject: TCP/IP skills

    Hello all, I just wanted to comment on what I see as a rather alarming trend
    in the
    security industry today. More and more many are becoming reliant upon tools
    to do their
    job whilst they ignore core components of their skillset. Specifically in
    this case an
    in-depth knowledge of TCP/IP.

    Knowing TCP/IP at a granular level in my opinion is very much a core skill
    that must be
    attained by anyone who wishes to have a successful career in the network
    industry today. One cannot become adept by simply using tools, and never
    knowing how to
    interpret the output by verifying the packets themselves.

    It constantly amazes me when I teach a TCP/IP Analysis course that people
    who are
    presently in the industy do not know of such basic TCP/IP concepts as the 3
    handshake and how ICMP works. That or being able to wholly dissect a packet
    and explain
    the relationships between various metrics.

    I would be curious to hear of your opinions on this?



    Don Parker, GCIA
    Intrusion Detection Specialist
    Rigel Kent Security & Advisory Services Inc
    ph :613.233.HACK
    toll: 1-877-777-H8CK

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