Re: Wireless wep crackin on windows - corrections

From: Andrew A. Vladimirov (
Date: 05/21/04

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    Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 03:49:05 +0100

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    Chuck Herrin wrote:
    | Hi All,
    | AFAIK, there are no tools to crack WEP in Windows. (Somebody correct
    | me if I'm wrong!)

    Correction - see this:

    The project is at alpha stage but may work for you.

    Warning: The original Anton Ragers WEPCrack would not work on the
    Windows platform with Perl installed.

    You can also try to port the old good Tim Newsham's WEP Tools to Windows
    (shouldn't be difficult, have a look at the source) to run a dictionary
    or brute force attack, even though such attack is not very likely to
    succeed (especially against a 104 bit key) and takes time & large data
    pcap format dumps.

    | Also, keep in mind that if you only have a few days to do this, it
    | may not be feasible to crack the WEP in Linux either, depending on
    | the amount of traffic coming across the ether. You can do some
    | things to create traffic, but if they're running an AP in a
    | conference room that doesn't get used very often (once a week, etc.),
    | you may have a hard time building enough of a key table to crack it
    | even if you had a *nix box.
    | Just my $0.02,

    You can easily inject encrypted traffic into the target WLAN for
    additional traffic generation using Linux (WEPWedgie), BSD (Wnet reinj)
    or OS X (reinjection option in Kismac) tools. However, you can't
    accelerate WEP cracking by traffic injection using any Windows software

    If reliable connection-oriented (e.g. TCP) or routing protocols are used
    on the target WLAN, jamming the channel and causing frequent
    deauthentications (e.g. with FakeAP and Void11 combined) somewhat
    accelerates WEP cracking by increasing the amount of retransmits, thus
    generating additional traffic. Again, you can't do it from Windows yet.

    Check out our site ( for all necessary drivers and tools.

    Just my $0.02++ :)


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