Re: Linux/Windows Authentication?
Date: 02/27/04

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    Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 18:55:04 +0000

    Try this

    Is the NTLM (Windows Integrated Authentication) in an apache module.


    Con fecha 27/2/2004, "MARTIN M. Bénoni" <>

    >Hi list!
    >I am looking forward to know if there is a way to meet this following
    >We are setting up an Intranet. On it, each department will be allowed to =
    >access a part of the server, for example HR Department will be allowed = to
    >access just http://intranet/HR, Financial Department will just be = allowed
    >to access to http://intranet/Finance, and so on. As they are = no-IT people,
    >we would be looking for a transparent way to authenticate = them and to
    >block someone from one department to access a file from = another
    >department. User/password may be tough to set up as they will = have to
    >remember them and we will have to check if they are not using = weak
    >passwords. A PKI/Kerberos/... -based solution would be long to set = up as
    >well. I was thinking about some key-based authentication, as it = can
    >usually be done with ssh. But looking around the Internet for some =
    >information, no way to find out some clues... Moreover, all the clients =
    >will be Windows 2000/XP, and our Intranet runs under Linux (Redhat 9.0). =
    >Some ideas? :-)
    >Authentication based on IP addressees would be the easiest solution I = have
    >been thinking about, but remains to know if I can tell my Linux box = to
    >allow a given bunch of IP addresses to access just a given = directory...
    >And of course, thanks in advance for the replies!
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