Re: Ethical Hacking Training

From: Stormwalker (
Date: 01/20/04

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    Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 08:20:20 -0500 (EST)
    To: Meritt James <>

    Hi James, et al.
      The skills and the methods for building a building and taking a building
      down are indeed different, one goes up, the other goes down. However,
      when taking down a building, the knowledge and expertise required to
      do it correctly includes that of how to put it up. The knowledge of
      it comes down is important when putting it up.

      One example is the imploding of a building to make it fall only on its
      footprint which requires the understanding of how the support structure
      was engineered. Otherwise a random explosion would send the building
      pieces all over the place.

      On the other end of the spectrum is using the knowledge gained after an
      earthquake (or other natural disaster) to improve the next building so
      that it will be able to withstand the next earthquake.

      "Know your enemy" is a very ancient principle in warfare that any
      successful military operative knows and understands. Nothing, including
      ignorance, can ever replace knowledge, expertise, experience, or skill.
      Keeping people ignorant and misinformed is a strategy of social control.

                           cheers, bob

    On Mon, 19 Jan 2004, Meritt James wrote:
    > Here we go again. I believe that those skills necessary to build a
    > building are different than those to demolish a building. There are
    > construction engineers and there are demolition experts. Different
    > things. And the skills to fix a car engine are not those necessary to
    > vandalize one. "Know your enemy" is nice, "know your job" is, in my
    > opinion, better.


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