RE: Cisco Catalyst 4006 CatOS Password Hash

From: Paul Bakker (
Date: 12/11/03

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    Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 10:01:46 +0100
    To: "Miles Stevenson" <>

    Correction from myself...
    > Hi Miles..
    > Shouldn't the length of the hash be longer in case of this?
    > MD5 hashes are 16 bytes and SHA-1 hashes are 20 bytes...
    > These hashes only have 16 bytes after the last $ sign...

    The hashes have exactly 22 characters after the last dollar sign...
    The same as the Cisco IOS passwords that have:
    x = a 4 character salt
    y = a 22 character MD5 hash

    These are identical (4 + 22) but with $2$ at the start...

    Paul Bakker


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