RE: XSS with encrypted cookie?

From: Rajesh Jose (
Date: 12/11/03

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    I didn't get "encrypted session token cookie". Normally nobody will be
    encrypting a session token. So far as the session token is strongly
    random nothing can be achieved by encrypting it.
    Or did you mean secure cookie?
    Secure cookie is a cookie which can be fetched by the server only
    through a SSL channel.

    In all these cases "encrypted, not-encrypted and secured" it is possible
    to fetch a cookie through XSS attack and replay the session.

    Replaying of session token will not possible if the application is using
    source IP for session validation.


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    I'm wondering if it's possible via a XSS attack to steal an
    encrypted cookie (actually it's a session token)? (with some
    javascript like: document.cookie etc...)

    If yes, is it also possible to replay this cookie? (of course the
    session must still be valid on the server)

    I know it works with regular cookie.

    Thanks a lot for your help


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