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From: Mike (
Date: 12/08/03

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    To: Giacomo <>,
    Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 10:45:11 +0000

    I recently did a little research on this, and if the password was well chosen
    you will not find the password.

    An 8 character password, based on a 72 character set (26 lower case letters,
    26 uppercase letters, 10 digits, and 10 special characters) results in 72^8
    or 7.2x10^14 possible passwords. My reference PC was only able to crack at
    1500c/s. Doing the math reveals that 150,000 years would be required to
    crack all combinations, or 75,000 years on average. For a 12 character
    password the result was 2,000,000,000,000 years.

    If my math is wrong, please break it to me gently.


    On Tuesday 02 December 2003 10:52 am, Giacomo wrote:
    > Hi all
    > I am tryning to crack cisco md5 password.
    > Currently I am using a Athlon XP2500barton at 2300mhz, after 17days john
    > continue to crack at 3800c/s (it started at 4500c/s).
    > I am asking myself and all of you what is the best system (hardware) to
    > crack md5 password.
    > I am thinking that the best way Is the powerfull (mhz) i386 in commerce.
    > I've tried OpenMosix with 4 p500 nodes with john and cisilia, but
    > without lucky results.
    > The sun 280 (dual 64bits cpu at 900mhz) go to a poor 900c/s
    > which is you reference system to use john on md5 password ?
    > Giacomo
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