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Date: 12/01/03

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    You should take a look at ... it is a bootable CD that contains lots of tools and you can customize it with more if you are willing to remaster the CD yourself. It does a lot of what you are looking for in a 'universal CD'.
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            Subject: System Security Audits

              I have a question about doing system (Windows) security
              By system security audits I mean things like checking if computer
              is free of malware, trojans, viruses, if user has appropriate
              permissions (not too high or to say if user has restrictive
              permissions) etc.
              I have a couple of ideas which i could use, one is to create
              an universal CD with all the stuff needed. Everything is on the
              CD, nothing will be installed on the client's computer.
              The Audit Team just puts CD in, runs applications and that's it.
              The other is to bool from a CD on the client's computer
              which would bring us to some different environment (probably
              linux). As booted mount the filesystems and do all the
              audit stuff from such environment.
              Or, please, suggest any other methods that could be used.

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