RE: Wireless Pent-Test
Date: 10/06/03

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    Hey there,

    Here is link to all the wireless tools that you would ever want:

    And have a read on security focus ... they have just posted the 2nd
    installment of creating a wireless security policy. Besides describing
    aspects relative to policy it should give you some ideas on better to secure
    your users wireless Lans.

    Of course WEP is not the most secure thing in the world, but used in
    conjunction with other security methods you could make life for a hacker


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    Subject: Wireless Pent-Test

    Remote users in my company have been begging for permission to use wireless
    NICs in their laptops for awhile now. When they are not on the road, most
    of them work from home and would like to be able to use their laptops
    anywhere in their house.

    Due to our industry and business requierements, we have to document every
    process and method used to access our data and prove that we've tested the
    security of our data.In order to let the users go wireless I have to show
    that I've tested the security on a wireless network.

      Our idea is to let the users buy wireless routers to connect to their
    cable/dsl routers and then wireless PCMCIA or USB cards on the laptop. We
    would implement 128 bit WEP security to prevent unauthorized access. I
    realize that WEP does not provide for stringent security, but we feel that
    by forcing users to change their WEP key regularly we can meet our

    My question is, how do I test WEP and document wether or not it's secure?
    Any way to sniff for WEP keys, or to brute force attack a WEP session? If
    there is, how hard is it to set up? How much of a risk of a wireless
    connection with WEP enabled to be comprimised other than a dedicated, brute
    force attack?

    Any information is greatly appreciated.


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    Tired of constantly searching the web for the latest exploits?
    Tired of using 300 different tools to do one job?
    Get CORE IMPACT and get some rest.

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