Microsoft Windows 2000 WebDAV Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

From: Gary O'leary-Steele (
Date: 03/18/03

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    From: "Gary O'leary-Steele" <>
    To: <>
    Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 10:05:30 -0000

    Hi all,

    I am planning to write exploit code for the Microsoft Windows 2000 WebDAV
    Buffer Overflow Vulnerability. However I don't have enough information about
    the vulnerability, e.g. which webdav component is vulnerable, how it is
    exploited i.e. where does the large string need to be to cause the overrun.
    I don't know webdav but if i get enough information about the request i need
    to send to the web server to cause a crash I will write some exploit code
    (in perl) and share with the community.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Gary O'leary-Steele
    Sec-1 Ltd

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