Change MAC Address on Win2K & XP

From: Kyle Lai (
Date: 11/22/02

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    Date: 22 Nov 2002 22:37:08 -0000
    From: Kyle Lai <>
    ('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is)

    I konw many of you want to answer "NO" or "ONLY if you can find the
    option in the NIC advanced properties", because that's the answer I heard
    all the time through out my research,

    However, the answer is: YES!!!!!!!!!!


    I wrote a detailed instruction on how to change MAC address on Windows
    2000 & XP, and you can find it at:

    I know there was one discussion before, but that thread offered no
    solutions... I researched for a long time, and I finally discovered the
    solution through Microsoft MSDN Driver Development Kit (DDK) and Win2K
    resource kit. I have many people tested my instructions, and I haven't
    found a NIC that can't be spoofed. Not to say there isn't one out there.

    The method is to call a DDK function - NdisReadNetworkAddress.

    NdisReadNetworkAddress(...) is called by the network adapter driver to
    obtain a user specified MAC address in the registry. After the driver
    confirmed that there's a valid MAC address specified in the registry key,
    the driver then programs the MAC address to its hardware registers to
    override the burn-in MAC address.

    Not all manufacturers support this function I heard, but like I said, I
    haven't seen one NIC that can't be spoofed. I am interested in learning
    which brand and model can't be spoofed. If you know of any, please send
    me an email.

    I think this discovery might not be new to the device driver developers,
    but it certainly is still a well kept secret to lots of security
    professionals out there. Therefore, I decided to reveal this secret
    because there are too many wrong answers out there.

    I am also writing a free tool, SMAC, to change MAC address on Wnidows
    2000 & XP. I basically plan to incorporate the technique I discovered
    with some other functionalities. SMAC 1.0 is due to release in a few
    weeks. Please check for updates.

    Kyle Lai, CISSP, CISA
    InfoSec Consultant

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