nmap Host Discovery Whitepaper

From: Mark Wolfgang (moonpie@moonpie.org)
Date: 11/11/02

From: "Mark Wolfgang" <moonpie@moonpie.org>
To: security-basics@securityfocus.com
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 17:15:08 -0000

Greetings! I've written a whitepaper that explores some methods for host
discovery, paying the most attention to discovering hosts behind a firewall
with an explicit policy. It probably won't be terribly valueable to the
seasoned pen tester, but I think it lays out the basics and should give you
some ideas. I also wrote a perl script that implements the ideas presented.

You can find the whitepaper at http://moonpie.org/writings/discovery.pdf and
the perl script at http://moonpie.org/tools/discover.tgz

I'm interested in hearing your comments :)

Best Regards,

- Mark


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