Tools for Detecting Wireless APs - from the wire side.

From: Isherwood Jeff C Contr AFRL/IFOSS (
Date: 06/07/02

From: Isherwood Jeff C Contr AFRL/IFOSS <>
To: 'Pen-Test' <>
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 18:22:13 -0000 

I'm doing some research for a paper on wireless security, and I've been
trying to find a decent way for an administrator to probe his network for
APs that might be attached.

There seems to be very little out there for this sort of thing.

NMAP can recognize a fingerprint of some APs, but not all...

ISS can sweep a wire, and report back on any that have SNMP enabled...

APTOOLS claims to be capable, but isn't that easy to use or figure out (for
me so far)

Is there anything else out there?

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