Nessus 1.2.0 released

From: Renaud Deraison (
Date: 04/18/02

Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 19:04:00 +0200
From: Renaud Deraison <>

The Nessus Team is pleased to announce the availability of Nessus 1.2.0

Nessus is a remote security scanner which has been developped since 1998.
It is free, open-sourced (GPLed) and updated very regularly (and currently
performs over 900 security checks)

What is new in Nessus 1.2, in comparison of Nessus 1.0 ?

A lot of changes took place during the two years Nessus 1.2 has been worked
on. Here's a non-exhaustive list :

- Security checks are run in parallel ;
- Full SSL support ;
- "safe checks" option (makes nessusd rely on a banner rather than take
  the risk to disable the remote service) ;
- "optimisations" option (make nessusd run "focused" tests (ie: IIS-specific
  tests on IIS, and so on...)
- Better CGI auditing ;
- IDS evasion options ;
- KB saving support (can be used for off-line security audits) ;
- Session saving support ;
- Differential scans ;
- New reports file formats ;
- Tuned security checks (for better performance) ;
- More configurable ;
- Improved SMB support (Nessus can log into a domain, and extracts more
  information from the tested hosts).
- Scales __much__ better ;
- Kazillions of bugs fixed ;
- And more !

Note that Nessus 1.2.x is the result of two years of work and
improvements, so not everything can be listed. Have a look at the changelogs
for full details (in nessus-core/CHANGES)

Where to get it

Nessus is available at :





Nessus 1.2.0 can be compiled on a wide range of Unixes, including :

        - Solaris
        - OpenBSD
        - FreeBSD
        - NetBSD
        - Red Hat Linux (and probably other distros)
        - Darwin / MacOS X
        - ...

A Win32 client (NessusWX) is available for the Win32 platform

More toys soon

A web interface allowing you to mount your own ASP business will be released
soon - keep an eye on our website for details about this :)

Bugs ? What bugs ??

If you find bugs or have enhancement requests, please send them to me


I'd like to thank everyone who tested and improved Nessus when it was labelled
as being unstable.

I would like to thank in particular Michel Arboi ( and
Michael Scheidell ( who both did an insanely big
amount of work for Nessus 1.2


                                -- Renaud

Renaud Deraison
The Nessus Project

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