Re: Novell volume changing?

Date: 01/26/02

Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 18:32:54 +0100

On Mon, 07 Jan 2002 18:43:54 +0100
"Charlie Liserne" <> wrote:
Charlie> We are pen-testing a Novel 5.x webserver with the source page disclosure
Charlie> problem (
Charlie> We have been trying to get other volume indexing than SYS: We know that
Charlie> there are more Volumes, and we know some of the file names of it, but we
Charlie> aren't able to get to jump from SYS: to ANOTHER:

Dear Charly.........

It is only possible to change to the volumes at which you have
NetWare Volume-access-right...;-))

Also the only access you have at the SYS-volume is the
directory-access-right the user "public" has at the SYS-volume ("public" is
any user attached but not authenticated eg. any webuser)

So normally you should only see the SYS:LOGIN-directory and the

Have fun, Gert

Gert Fokkema

WeHack4You Internet Security, Consultancy & Training
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