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Date: 01/12/02

From: "Rob Iles" <>
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Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 16:33:15 -0000

Just wanted to say a big *Thank You* to all those who took time to reply
(both off-list and on) - and to apologise to those who felt it was
irrelevant to the list. (I assumed that if our moderator had felt this
way, it wouldn't have got through)

Many of you pointed me to the Cisco web-site, where the information was
readily available - if I'd had web access (as opposed to just email) at
the time of posting, I wouldn't have bothered you all! - as case of RTFM
if ever I saw one.

Thanks again,

Rob Iles.

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Subject: Cisco 2501 Router

        I am in the unfortunate (some would say careless) position of not having
the password for one of our critical Cisco 2501 Routers. Does anyone know
of a way to obtain the password? Wiping the configuration completely is
not an option. I have SNMP access to the device, and can also connect via
a console cable if necessary.

Any assistance *greatly* appreciated!