Sniffers, scanners and XP raw packet drivers

From: Simon (
Date: 12/13/01

From: "Simon" <>
To: "PenTest" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 12:51:22 -0000


Anyone had any success getting Ethereal and other tools to work under
Windows XP Pro?
even if Winpcap installed:

  Ethereal won't find an interface,
  ISS can't find raw packet drivers for some of its scans are disabled
  Nmapnt can't find any suitable interfaces
  Foundstone fport won't resolve ports to process owners (although fscan
and superscan run fine)
  .... (the list goes on)

All these worked on my laptop nicely under Windows 2000? Does anyone
have a solution to this? I guess what I need is a raw packet capture
driver that works under winXP... Any ideas?


Simon, CISSP

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