Re: Pen-Testing help (Compaq Insight & htsearch)

From: warchild (
Date: 12/11/01

Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 22:47:56 -0500 (EST)
From: warchild <>
To: Tim Russo <>

> "Unable to read word database file '/xxx/xxx/htdig/db/db.words.db' Did you
> run htmerge?" [xxx are for obscurity] :)
> Any help with either one of these and/or general Digital-Unix pen-test info
> would be very helpful.

If you have write access of some part to the machine in question (local
user, anonymous ftp), then you can craft your own config file and pass it
to htsearch using "-c <path-to-config-file>". Its not much, but it will
get you read access to files should permissions allow it.

For example, I wrote a config file like the following:

        nothing_found_file: /etc/passwd
        database_dir: <path-to-anonymous-ftp>/incoming

and uploaded it to <path-to-anonymous-ftp>/incoming, then made blank db
files as htsearch will complain if they aren't found. What it gets you is
the contents of /etc/passwd after passing this dummy config to htsearch.
Its not much, but it is a start.


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