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Wrong. Completely wrong. Any UNIX-like box with qmail can be configured
to send mail out. My laptop, for example. But my domains only receive
mail at the servers designated as MX hosts in DNS.

Your idea that an outbound mail host should be listed in DNS indicates a
complete misunderstanding of the purpose of an MX record. These records
indicate to other MTAs where they should deliver mail *to*, not where they
should accept mail from.

{{{sigh}}} It sure would be nice if you guys would READ before jumping all over this. Of course the MX record indicates where you send mail *to*. But historically thoses hosts were also the ones that accepted mail. And in fact, *many* domains still handle it that way. Yes, some do not, including ours, but that's beside the point.

Furthermore, policyd-*****WEIGHT***** (get it?????) assigns *weights* to various "flaws" (much like spamassassin does to content) and it takes a lot more than one flaw to reject the mail.

If you think that's wrong now, take it up with the author of policyd-weight, not me. And as I have stated **repeatedly**, if you don't believe me, send a test message to geek@xxxxxxxxxxxxx and see if it gets through. To my knowledge, not one person who has done that has had their mail rejected.

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The University of Texas at Dallas

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