Re: spoolss overflow attempt: unknow threat or false alert ?

Emanuele Rocca wrote:

* Buozis, Martynas <martynas@xxxxxx>, [2006-09-07 16:10 +0200]:
I see many packets coming from various hosts to few servers (both
clients and servers are inside Intranet) that are identified by SNORT as
NETBIOS SMB spoolss AddPrinterEx unicode little endian overflow attempt.
I checked source hosts with AV and spyware software but found nothing,
while these packets continue to flow persistently in large amounts. Is
it some false positive by SNORT or is it an unknown security threat
(trojan/worm/virus) behind this activity?

I've got no direct experience about that alert, but the Snort signature
database can give you additional information:

This event is generated when an attempt is made to exploit a known vulnerability in Microsoft systems using the Print Spooler Service. In particular this rule generates an event when an attempt is made to exploit the function "AddPrinterEx" via the "spoolss" component.

False positives:
None known.

Another reference you may find interesting is the MS Security Bulletin:


Also see if it's coming from an HP printer. I had a workgroup printer that had a buggy driver, and it was flooding the print server with 10mbit of traffic.

Yank all of the printers and see if the problem goes away.

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