Re: Someone scanning for new PHP issues?


You are right that the second trap is searching for the horde exploit. The first one you link to is for the remote code execution exploit in the Vwar gaming clan management system, with exploit code published publicly on 02 April 06. For reference, full sample exploit code is here:

For web app exploits such as these, it is simpler to get the details out of your web server logs (presuming you are running a web server at the targeted IP, and are keeping logs) as the extracts you provide only confuse the issue for simple attack vectors like these.

On 16/04/2006, at 9:34 AM, Jamie Riden wrote:

0x0040: 7677 6172 2f69 6e63 6c75 6465 732f 6765 vwar/ includes/ge
0x0040: 7765 626d 6169 6c2f 686f 7264 652f 7365 webmail/ horde/se


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