Re: What a strange route (The DoD inside)!

Pieter de Boer wrote:
dave wrote:

11 26.26.26.xx (26.26.26.xx) 4.462 ms 3.674 ms 3.644 ms
12 ( 5.055 ms 3.834 ms 3.797 ms
13 ( 5.112 ms 3.541 ms 3.816 ms
DoD Network Information Center <- Why?

Sometimes people just assign themselves some IP address space, not via RIPE/ARIN/APNIC/etc, but just picking a address randomly. The range 26.26.26.xx looks like such an 'assignment'.

Of course, it's bad habit to just pick a random address and use it inside your network, but it happens a lot, especially with rcf1918 space. It also happens a lot that those addresses can be seen by tracerouting..

Hope this clears things up a bit,

As Pieter said this ISP must be using DOD IP addresses on their internal network. Unless they have a special link that transmits data directly from Italy to Columbus, Ohio and back to Italy, in 1ms round trip. ^_^
I don't think this could be associated with Dave's incident.


Jean-Marc Soumet
Information Security Analyst
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