RE: Win2k Machine contacting Root Server???

I believe you will find there is a setting that tells a Win2k server to try TCP if UDP fails for DNS resolution. Maybe the UDP was failing and the box was doing as it was told.

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I recently ran "netstat" on my personal laptop (running Win2k) and was
shocked to see that it had been making TCP connections to the root servers
(to their domain port). I know that some DNS queries are performed using
TCP, but I find it somewhat disturbing that the root servers were

I did a little googling and found a few remarks that Win2k machines
sometimes do this... But mine has the lastest updates....

So I'm a little concerned. Is this normal operation for a win2k machine,
or could something more amiss be going on? Norton Antivirus and SpyBot
Search & Destory didn't find anything wrong.



(I realize this is probably a normal thing, but I still find it