Re: R: How to determine which PHP-script allows spamming?

On 2/27/06, Sebastian En3pY Zdrojewski <en3py@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
You might enable the safe_mode of PHP and disable the mail() function of PHP
to avoid its usage.



I doubt disabling mail is a viable option. Because the OP doesn't know
which hosted site is sending the email, it would have to be disabled
for all users. I'm sure out of the 10k sites hosted, a fair number
send email via PHP. Shutting off access to them in order to limit a
single spammer isn't going to make their customers very happy.

Forcing safe_mode is probably something you could get away with. It'll
break some applications that users like to install, but in this case
it's probably justifiable. That's a business decision you or your
management will need to make however.