Re: Strange SMTP sessions with 'helo=<large negative number>' syntax

On 28/12/05, max <max@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> to=<dylanfans-unsubscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> proto=SMTP helo=<-1217882552>
> Notice that helo section is a negative number (which is why my postfix rejects the message)

Spammers sometimes hide IP addresses (in URL) by using a 32 bits
integer. And also that they often use buggy tools.<grin>
Maybe they tried to use this trick in the HELO command?

-1217882552+2^32 = 3077084744 =
-1218008120+2^32 = 3076959176 =
Both addresses seems to be unassigned, my hypothesis looks wrong :-(

> Has anyone noticed this as well?

I don't have this in my logs.