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From: Patrick Kremer (
Date: 07/08/05

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    The spam is always from

    The IPs are always Verizon DSL IPs 71.107.XXX.XXX

    A number of people have responded with "Why don't you block them"... I
    have blocked them, that's not the problem. The bigger issue is that Verizon
    refuses to take action or even let me talk to anybody in the security
    department... their support department claims to not even have a phone
    number to reach anybody in security.

    I have the resources in place to prevent the attacks, I'm just tired of
    seeing the same spammer show up with a count of 5,000 attempts every single
    day. I have had similar incidents with other major providers such as SBC,
    at least they're eventually responsive. But Verizon refuses to cooperate.

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    > Patrick Kremer writes:
    > >I am at a loss for what to do.
    > >I'm taking spam messages at the rate of 6,000 per day from a specific
    > >address linked to several Verizon DSL IP addresses.
    > >I have sent numerous logfiles to both security@ and and
    > >have received no response.
    > >I have spoken with their tech support numerous times and both they and
    > >supervisors say they can not help, they claim the e-mail addresses are
    > >only recourse.
    > Define "a specific e-mail address linked to several Verizon DSL IP
    > addresses."
    > If all the email is originating from just a few DSL IP addresses, just add
    > those IPs to your access list (assuming you're running sendmail). If not,
    > you'll need to be rather more specific as to what's going on.
    > Yes, this is a bandage on the symptom rather than a solution to the real
    > problem, but until you can convince someone at Verizon to cut those IPs
    > off, it will at least stop the spam.
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