RE: Help, possible rootkit

From: k levinson (
Date: 10/25/04

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    Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 07:34:24 -0700 (PDT)

    In addition to the other advice already given, if
    you're still interested in trying to confirm or deny
    whether this could be a root kit, even though RKDetect
    found nothing...

    Try scanning and inspecting the computer using the
    same tools you've used, as well as up to date
    anti-virus and looking at the startup values in the
    Registry... but instead of using them remotely, try
    using them across the network through Windows
    networking from another Windows computer, or after
    slaving the hard drive to another Windows system.

    [Booting to another OS such as a Knoppix or CD to inspect the file system for
    new or unusual files might help as well, although
    those may not support detection of files hidden by
    ADS, and many of your Windows detection tools won't

    Try also searching for files that have changed in the
    past day or three.

    There are programs that let you inspect the programs
    that start up with Windows, such as the MSCONFIG
    command, Silent Runners from
    [looks in some places the others don't], Startup List,
    Startup Cop, etc.

    LADS from and ADSSpy will let you
    inspect files hidden by ADS. Note that Windows uses
    ADS for image thumbnails and XP SP2 AES zone
    information. But anything malicious would probably be
    easily overlooked amongst the many legitimate ADS
    files you're likely to find.

    I wonder whether you've run the command NETSTAT -ANO

    Inspecting your firewall logs or running Ethereal
    locally to look forfor unusual network traffic from
    your system might also be helpful in some

    - karl levinson

    > --- BillyBob <> wrote:
    > > I have noticed that my XP system is behaving like
    > > have a rootkit.

    > > Any more suggestions ?
    > > Any more rootkit finding tools for Windows ?

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