NDR +Hotmail & MSN

From: Hoover, James A (EIS, Corp) (James.Hoover_at_htsco.com)
Date: 08/06/04

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    To: "'incidents@securityfocus.com'" <incidents@securityfocus.com>
    Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 15:06:32 -0400

    I'm troubleshooting a problem which I believe is related to how Hotmail and
    MSN handle NDR responses. I cannot get the problem resolved through
    Hotmails normal channels of just shunting customers to a web page to see if
    they are blacklisted. Can anyone provide a contact at hotmail or MSNs NOC
    offline of this mailing list? I might just name my 2nd born after anyone
    who does (too late for the 1st born -but I can consider a name change if
    necessary:o). Additionally, if anyone knows how Hotmail/MSN/webtv respond
    to NDRs (that are in response to spam from those domains), I'm very
    Thanks in advance for any help,

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