RE: SSH attacks?

From: Herman Frederick Ebeling Jr. (
Date: 07/29/04

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            Looking at the list of IP addresses that you listed I got curious and fired up
    McAfee's Visual Trace, and with the
    exception of two of them they've all come from overseas. And then mostly from
    Asia, with one ending in Europe. I
    wonder IF we're looking at a "gang" of cyber-criminals from Asia, or if it's
    just a coincidence that most of them seem
    to have originated in Asia???


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    FWIW, here's what I've seen on my single IP cable connection:

    Jul 17 04:54:46 test
    Jul 17 04:54:47 guest
    Jul 22 04:38:49 test
    Jul 22 04:38:52 guest
    Jul 23 10:55:46 test
    Jul 23 10:55:49 guest
    Jul 24 19:40:48 test
    Jul 24 19:40:50 guest
    Jul 24 20:24:31 test
    Jul 24 20:24:31 guest
    Jul 24 20:24:32 admin
    Jul 24 20:24:33 admin
    Jul 24 20:24:34 user
    Jul 24 20:24:37 test
    Jul 25 02:51:10 test
    Jul 25 02:51:12 guest
    Jul 25 16:30:34 test
    Jul 25 16:30:37 guest
    Jul 27 16:12:08 test
    Jul 27 16:12:10 guest
    Jul 28 11:52:43 test
    Jul 28 11:52:45 guest

    The timing and distribution of userids indicates to me that this is more
    than a simple probe for vulnerable SSH servers.

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