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Date: 07/16/04

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    Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 11:14:18 -0700

    My experience was that the fix (CWShredder) would not "take", until the
    machine was restarted after applying it. Applying fix, and then opening
    the browser just lead to reinfection. possibly because of a cached
    registry value/hive/key.

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    Try this out, I had one that was doing that and used the technique
    described by LoPhatPhuud in the web-forum topic linked below to remove it.
     The only difference was that my .dll and .cpy.dll files had a different
    base name. But it's easy enough to find as it's mentioned in the Guardian
    branch and should be the only .cpy.dll file in the system32 directory. It
    is set to hidden, system, and read-only, so you'll need to tell Windows to
    show it to you.

    >Interesting bug going around, coolwebsearch, has anyone been successful
    >removing this virus from a system? It looks like it recreates the DLL
    >c:\windows\system32 and renames it after a few reboots. It's pretty
    >and I haven't been able to fully contain it.
    >Thoughts? Suggestions? I've used highjackthis, cwshredder and a few
    >detectors, but nothing is really fixing the problem.

    Steven Bairstow
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