IE/WMP Exploit

From: Carlos Kramer (
Date: 06/15/04

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    Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 00:19:49 +0000

    I saw the analysis and the stuff I've seen appears to be
    different and use a different exploit - maybe just a variation on a theme?
    But it overwrites wmplayer.exe and seems to use a WMP exploit as well as
    IE exploits.

    It comprimises a fully patched Windows 2000, IE6, WMP7 machine.

    FWIW attached is some information and a copy of the file which replaced
    Windows Media Player. Unfortunately I couldn't capture the actual exploit
    code but I'm sure its available to those who wish to dig.

    The URL which linked to the exploit was at:-

    This popped up six windows which installed both the default-homepage-network
    hijacker and also some nasty stuff from
    is bogus and moves quickly - when I got the executable it was on a
    unused parked server at a large hosting company. It is currently resolving
    to -

    These URLs were used to do the compromise:-

    This crashed Windows Media Player and then it was overwritten with a small
    windows executable (I have it if you want it) - this was called wmplayer.exe
    and was in the Windows Media Player folder. The real Windows Media Player
    had been deleted.

    Windows Media Player showed this error:-

    Invalid name: mmsu:///. The file name specified is incorrect.
    Invalid name: http:///. The file name specified is incorrect.
    Cannot open. Please verify that the path and filename are correct and try
    again. (Error=C00D002B)

    The next time a WMP media file was accessed the new wmplayer.exe file ran
    and installed lots of adware, junkware, spyware etc, etc. BetterInternet,
    ClockSync, Internet Speed Check, and much more...

    Anyway attached is a decription of the various windows which popped up and
    their contents. I don't know if this is of interest to anyone or even the
    correct forum - but hopefully its of use. (I put them in an attachment as
    they have scripts and HTML which email clients may try to render).

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