RE: Trojan of somesort - Update

From: Steven Trewick (
Date: 05/28/04

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    To: 'Harlan Carvey' <>,
    Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 16:53:34 +0100

    > From that standpoint, there's nothing in BtB's
    > original post or otherwise that indicates a
    > "hack"...but yes, you're right...I'm making it a
    > matter of semantics. I think it's important to
    > distinguish...leaving the door open for a kiddie to
    > compromise your box doesn't necessarily make it a
    > "hack".

    In this context, I don't think it is important at all, if BtB
    had used the phrase "compromised" instead, this discussion would never
    have arisen at all.

    In fact, to be honest, it really is about time that we all got over
    the distinction, and try to understand implicitly, that one of the
    *many many* connotations of the word "hack" is indeed "compromise
    of box by sKidie", even if i'ts just from their POV.

    *Human* vocab and grammar are flexible, descriptive, and evolving,
    usage creates definition.

    OT, and Oil On Troubled Water, but thats my 0.02

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