new variant of witty worm ????

From: Steven Trewick (
Date: 03/23/04

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    Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 17:09:18 -0000

    Hi list,

    Thought I'd post this as a question, since I have not heard
    anything about it today, and would have expected to :

    At around 2300 GMT yesterday (Monday 22 March 2004) packets
    very similar to the witty worm were observed at our
    network border. (To my chagrin, my packet logs are at
    a different physical location, but I will post them in a few

    The UDP packets were much shorter, missing the actual "witty message"
    text that was observed in the original traffic, and also the 'padding'
    from the end of the packet, but apparently containing the code to
    import the same dll functions as the original.

    The source port was not 4000, and the dest port was much lower
    than that of the original traffic.

    Was this maybe just a weird bounce from some distressed ISS
    kit ? Has anyone else observed this ?

    (Packet dump to follow ASAP)

    Steve T

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