RE: Phatbox: Media Hype? Scare Tactics?

From: Schmehl, Paul L (
Date: 03/17/04

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    > Subject: Phatbox: Media Hype? Scare Tactics?
    > Reports about 5000 infections on the 11th.

    Claims hundreds of thousands of systems are infected.

    Is this hype or is this really spreading? Smells like hype to me because
    SARC reports nothing described as Phatbox and turns up nothing in the
    Symantec virus/backdoor database.


    It's not hype. This is one of the Mydoom/Beagle/Netsky variants (I just
    don't recall which variant or which of the three worms it is off the top
    of my head). Since these vx groups "own" thousands of boxes, each time
    they seed a new virus, they infect thousands of machines. Even if it
    isn't spreading, it's still in a lot of boxes.

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