Something new? bind dos? exploit?

From: Chip Mefford (
Date: 02/13/04

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    Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 07:06:59 -0500

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    ~From the logs;

    Feb 13 06:55:40 hostname named[12631]: socket.c:1100: unexpected error:
    Feb 13 06:55:40 hostname named[12631]: internal_send: Invalid argument

    First noticed this yesterday on one of my "just for fun"
    machines. Bind 9.1.3 just up and died after about 6 months
    of painless trouble free uptime with this last gasp
    in the logs;

    Feb 11 19:57:39 ns named[4162]: message.c:782: REQUIRE(*rdataset ==
    ((void *)0)) failed
    Feb 11 19:57:39 ns named[4162]: exiting (due to assertion failure)

    I've since built 9.2.3 for this box, after checking for root
    kits, and the usual suspects. (I got stung pretty badly about
    6 years ago over that bind-4 trojan). Then I noticed
    the above log entry.. Never seen these before, going back
    2 months in the logs, not ever seen anything like it.

    All of my machines running bind 9.1.3 or higher, have not
    been touched for months. All of them are seeing this traffic,
    including ones not on my subnet.

    All are linux, but are running different flavors of the 2.4 kernel,
    on different x86 hardware, all running source built bind (that has
    otherwise been completely clean for many months).

    Any clues? insights? anyone else seeing this?

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