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Date: 01/29/04

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    We have our Symantec Gateway server configured to scan all incoming
    attachments. It automatically strips all executables and any "encrypted
    containers". (password protected zips) This and NAV Corp (managed) has kept
    our organization free from worms for three years running now.

    Duston Sickler
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    For what its worth - we use NAV for Exchange, and one of the options is to
    block certain attachment types, in this case we block .exe attachments.

    NAV looks inside .ZIP files, see's the .exe inside, and blocks (or deletes)
    the entire attachment.

    That means we aren't dependant on a virus signature being released to block
    this worm (or new variants).

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    To all,

    Yes as many of you have noticed Novarg is spreading fast. I work for a large
    international corporation and we have seen extensive infiltration. However,
    this worm has not proved to be as "damaging" as some may claim. The scary
    part is that our investment in AV solutions (Trend, Symantec, et al...) has
    not protected us. We are now reconsidering our stance on allowing .ZIP files
    in Email.

    We engineered our own cleaning utility hours before our AV vendors even had
    signatures. Infecting lab clients and using diff tools...etc

    From a network perspective we are watching for the supposed DOS against SCO.

    We have had the outbreak under control just a few hours after it's

    Anyone care to contribute their experience?


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