Re: New Trojan

From: Damian Gerow (
Date: 10/27/03

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    Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 12:21:35 -0500

    Thus spake Jay Castaldo ( [27/10/03 12:19]:
    > Thanks for all the help everybody, I have definately learned something new
    > today about the good old Windows systems and NTFS.

    (Something else you may want to learn is word-wrapping in your mail client.)

    > I'm just very curious how it got on my computer to begin with, but on to
    > the fix action. I was so mind boggled and bothered about this on my
    > machine, I almost (keyword) reloaded my entire machine, but as somebody
    > mentioned earlier about a rundll command and walla done. I can't
    > believe it was that simple. The funny thing about it, no anti viral
    > tools or anti trojan tools would work period just because I think as
    > somebody already stated it was using an ADS which apparently is a great
    > way to hide new trojans on any NTFS machine. This forum is by far a
    > great tool to learn something new everyday and I definately have
    > learned something. Thank you for all your input.

    Be very, very careful -- if you don't know how it got on to your machine,
    then you don't know what else could be on your machine.

    And if you /do/ find out how it got on there, please let me know. That's
    the one thing I haven't figured out yet.

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