Re: We have lots of users with SonicWalls for VPN connectivity in to FW-1, possible major security hole

From: Mark DeFilippis (
Date: 10/25/03

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    Date: 25 Oct 2003 14:46:52 -0000
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    I saw this still hanging out on the Site and I wished to follow-up with
    information provided by Support at Sonicwall.

    The resulting issue was essentially a DOS attack, and there was no work
    around. A faster processor in the current Sonicwall firewalls has helped
    but for the existing SOHO2's still in use out there, the issue was that
    DNS name resolution on the fly was enabled for Logging.

    Ultimately, when these packets were received, the port was blocked (since all default traffic outbound was disabled) resulting in a log entry.
    The Sonicwall would attempt to resolve the Source Ip from DNS, and when
    the resulting DNS response was SLOW, Stateful inspection would fail for the late response, resulting in a very overworked Sonicwall, resulting in an effective DOS attack.

    Recommendations from Sonicwall were:

    1. Provide a local DNS that cached the IP's so additional DNS lookup responses were not slow causing the stateful inspection to fail.

    2. Disable real-time DNS resolution while logging.

    In most cases we chose the 2nd option.


    Mark J. DeFilippis

    PS. Under heavy load and heavy load of the DNS server we have been
    able to reproduce this on the Sonicwall SOHO-3's, although with the process speed increase, it is much more difficult to produce.

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    >From: "Mark J. DeFilippis" <>
    >Subject: We have lots of users with SonicWalls for VPN connectivity in
    > to FW-1, possible major security hole
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    >We use Sonicwall SOHO2 / SOHO3 devices for VPN connectivity to our core
    >running FW-1.
    >The following came to our attention recently, and I was interested if
    >anyone has seen something
    >similar when using these devices.
    >With default rule disabled: Disable default Src: LAN Dst: ALL
    >This rule is the last rule (default) and number 26 which allows any traffic
    >to pass from the LAN to the WAN.
    >We stop packets going out from the LAN on ports we don't know about.
    >In this case the DNS server is
    >The firewall gateway LAN address is
    >The firewall WAN address is
    >A NT server on the internal LAN is
    >There is NO Public IP address configured for ANY service
    >Recently in a Hub based cable modem environment we found the following:
    > Message Source
    > Destination Notes
    > Rule 22:02:13.768 UDP packet
    >dropped,53 WAN,5470 WAN
    >22:02:13.784 ICMP packet
    >dropped,3,LAN,3,WAN Dest
    >Unreachable 26
    >22:03:43.800 UDP packet dropped,53
    >WAN,5470 WAN
    >22:03:43:816 ICMP packet
    >dropped,3,LAN,3,WAN Dest
    >Unreachable 26
    >22:05:13.864 UDP packet dropped,53
    >WAN,5470 WAN
    >22:05:13.864 ICMP packet
    >dropped,3,LAN,3,WAN Dest
    >Unreachable 26
    >It continues for what appears every 30 seconds. My problem is if the DNS
    >inbound packet is really dropped,
    >why is my internal server responding to this packet as a "Destination
    >Unreachable". (Note that I allow
    >LAN to WAN Ping request and response to pass, but not ICMP type 3. So it
    >is blocking the packet out
    >to the internet. My question is why it should have ever received any
    >packed based on the DNS packet in the
    >first place????
    >BTW - The server is a Win2K AS NT server with DNS Server and
    >Client disabled. No routing
    >or other services enabled. It is not even a part of a domain, it is in a
    >simple workgroup. This may have no
    >bearing on the problem, but I figure if the packet was stopped at the WAN
    >interface, it should not have generated
    >a packet on the LAN that a server responded to with a "Dest Unreachable"
    >ICMP type 3!!
    >Most people run the Sonicwall's with the "Default" LAN to any enabled, so
    >they wouldn't even see this
    >under normal conditions. I disable default when I found a shareware
    >utility running on my network was
    >communicating system and Network information out port 63002 to a specific
    >Host IP. Then there was
    >"GameSpy" doing something similar.... So now I block all unknown LAN to
    >WAN communications.
    >Any thoughts on this behavior? I consider this a serious security
    >flaw. If my Checkpoint FW-1 dumped a packet
    >and generated a "reaction" packet on my internal LAN because of the
    >external dropped packet, I would
    >be banging at Checkpoint's door!
    >Mark J. DeFilippis
    >Sr. Network Architect
    >Mycroft Information Systems
    >Mark J. DeFilippis
    >Mycroft Inc -
    >12 E 44th St
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    >Tel: 212-632-1928
    >Cell: 516-330-3809
    >Fax: 561-264-3101
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