RE: Bogus DNS traffic

From: David Gillett (
Date: 10/22/03

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    To: <>
    Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 14:02:26 -0700

      The malformation looks like a match. Since I'd only seen one
    random packet from each of a bunch of random source addresses,
    I was assuming the source was probably spoofed; this sounds like
    it might not be.
      (The MAC address that I reported as an internal server turns
    out to be the nearest internal ROUTER. So I don't know if the
    origin is internal to our network after all.)

    David Gillett

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    > From: Jeff Bryner []
    > Sent: October 22, 2003 13:14
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    > Subject: Re: Bogus DNS traffic
    > Is it the widespread dns profiling that's been taking place?
    > jeff

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