Re: New DDOS?

From: Sergey Latkin (
Date: 09/03/03

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    To: Tobias Rice <>
    Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 15:24:49 -0400

    On Tuesday September 2 2003 19:05, Tobias Rice wrote:
    > Greetings all,
    > About 2:00 Pacific we had several machines on our university's resnet
    > participate in what looks like a ddos.
    > Using spoofed ip addresses they begun a syn-flood on, a
    > university in Au.

    IP is (was :( ) a mirror of, well-known anti-spam
    website, which is under ddos attacks for weeks now. There were few known
    mirrors, accessible only through IP addresses. DNS service for died
    in the end of July, IMHO.

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