Re: Anyone else seeing a radical increase in Sobig?

From: James C. Slora Jr. (
Date: 08/20/03

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    To: "Chip Mefford" <>, <>
    Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 07:22:45 -0400

    Chip Mefford wrote
    > As of ~0930 GMT -5, we started seeing a large
    > group of emails containing Win32/Sobig.F@mm
    > more in the last 2 hours than we've seen in the
    > last 4 months. Comming from different netblocks
    > as well.

    Oh, yes. This is huge. I've gotten hundreds so far. All come through
    low-priority MXs, and they appear to use the same list of addresses to fake
    the "From" field and the recipient.

    About 1/10 of the incoming infected messages are "returned mail"
    notifications from over quota, no such address, etc. Some of them are from
    mail servers that are _STILL_ in this day and age configured to return
    virus-infected mail intact.

    This means that badly configured or inflexible antivirus screeners are
    helping distribute to the virus by returning it to the "From" address faked
    by the virus.

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