RE: Command Line RPC vulnerability scanner?

From: Christopher Cramer (
Date: 07/31/03

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    To: "Schmehl, Paul L" <>
    Date: 31 Jul 2003 12:36:27 -0400


    The ISS scanner occasionally hangs on a machine.

    We ran the scanner over our class B by first running an nmap scan to
    check for machines that were up and listening on port 135. We then ran
    the ISS scanner over those machines. All of this was done on a linux
    machine (the ISS scanner seems to run nicely under wine).

    Hope that helps some.


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    On Thu, 2003-07-31 at 11:30, Schmehl, Paul L wrote:
    > I have both eEye's tool and ISS's tool.  I decided to run the ISS
    > commandline scanner on our entire class B last night.  That way I could
    > come in this morning and have a complete report of patch compliance.  Or
    > so I thought.  When I got in to my office this morning, the ISS tool had
    > been running for 15 hours and had reported on a total of 99 hosts.
    > I don't know what's wrong with it, but something obviously is.
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    > > Yes.  ISS provides one for windows:
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