Re: DoS "Probing" on one of our hosts

From: Christopher Kunz (
Date: 06/30/03

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    Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 18:34:28 +0200

    Donald Voss wrote:

    > Not to be a jerk .. but could it have been a file sharing app or two or
    > three ..

    I can safely rule that out - the data that went _into_ the box must have
    been stored somewhere and there is definitely not enough space to store
    the equivalent of those bandwidth spikes.
    And since the outgoing traffic did not change at all, I don't suspect
    the box has been rooted or used as a file server by its legitimate owners.

    > a rooted box .. = warez ftp ? You never know until you look close. We have
    > had students here do the file sharing thing .. then of course everyone sorts
    > the hits by speed .. then queues up a few hindered .. so our pipe has been
    > filled from outside connections .. can anyone say packeteer ..

    I just ran chkrootkit on the box and although this tool is of course not
    too sophisticated, it generally gave me a good hint on all boxes on my
    network that have been rooted in the past. No results.


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