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Date: 01/29/03

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    Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 09:06:28 -0800
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    At 11:20 AM 1/28/2003, Chris Caydes wrote:
    >The list provided at mentions such
    >products as Microsoft Office 2000/XP, Microsoft Visio
    >and Microsoft Project.
    >Are these the desktop products ? Or some "server"
    >versions of the products (ie MS Project Central
    >instead of MS Project) ?
    >I have Office and Visio installed on my desktop PC and
    >MSDE does not seem to be installed.
    >The PC does not listen on udp/1434.


    MS Office 2000 has an installer for MSDE in the SQL dir of Disk1
    MS Office XP has an installer for MSDE in the MSDE2000 dir of Disk1
    Visio Enterprise Edition has the option for MSDE, not the Pro series (2002
    does not even have MSDE on the disk).
      During install, you can choose not to install MSDE if you will not be
    using the AutoDiscovery and Layout solution.

    I've only messed around with Project a bit, but the standard install does
    not load MSDE, though it can load projects from a db, and the install disk
    does have MSDE on it in an SQL directory.


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