RE: SQL Sapphire Worm Analysis

From: Marc Maiffret (
Date: 01/27/03

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    Yup this is true... the advisory on our website reflects it. The advisory on
    our site will always have the latest information. Also we released a free
    scanning tool that will detect vulnerable SQL and MSDE systems.You can check
    it on

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    | : SQL Sapphire Worm Analysis
    | :
    | : Systems Affected:
    | : Microsoft SQL Server 2000 pre SP 2
    | ... it seems to me, i've read that the M$ 'desktop engine' a.k.a. "DE" is
    | vulnerable to this exploit in some way. in fact, it seems like the DE
    | was affected where MS-SQL not running ...
    | --
    | ... i'm a man, but i can change,
    | if i have to , i guess ...

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