Re: PDL anti-spam blacklist

Date: 01/02/03

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    Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 14:49:55 -0500 (EST)
    To: John Paul <>

    On Tue, 31 Dec 2002, John Paul wrote:

    > My personal IP range is blacklisted by these guys for some reason. Looks
    > like the PDL is somehow "enforcing" my ISP's TOS and/or AUP, go figure...
    > #1 Has anyone else run into this "service"?
    > #2 Has anyone successfully had themselves removed from the list? If so, was
    > the process like bad dental work?

    AFAIK, PDL is Gordon Fecyk's reincarnation of the MAPs DUL (which MAPs
    actually bought from him in the first place). It's basically a list of
    IPs that he believes to be in use as dynamic IPs either via
    DNS, whois data, or ISP submission. I suspect getting removed should be
    easy if your IP really isn't dynamic.

    BTW...any autoresponders that reply (especially vacation ones) will have
    their message bounced back to the sender. Get a clue you people. Don't
    setup autoresponders that reply to mailing list mail. I don't care that
    you're out of the office. I never even knew you were in the office.

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